Roizo PowerTek Apparel Review

Finally, I have a moment to jot this down.
Not long ago the good folks at Roizo sent me two tops to help me with my Benchpress.
Specifically I was sent a red PowerTek tee and a blue PowerTek sleeveless tee.
Immediately II was impressed with the quality of the fabric and the design.
Upon trying on the shirts I found they fit true to size.
So did the tees help my Benchpress?
First let’s discuss how Roizo PowerTek Apparel works.
Each top has special built in grips on the back to help hold you to the bench better.

These were placed perfectly for the task at hand- Chestday.
They are also placed ideally for squats- aka helping keep the bar in place.
These grips can be equated to grip chalk. I’m sure many of my fellow gym rats have used chalk and are aware of the benefits.

After 4 consecutive weeks of use I can say these tees are highly effective. Benching with Dumbells and the full Olympic barbell with a range of 70lbs to 100lbs in the Dumbells and 135lbs to 255lbs on the barbell respectively I found the PowerTek tees kept me glued to the bench providing greater stability which cleared the way for greater focus.
Also as I said before the quality of the fabric and the outlay of the grips was great but the tees were also stylish. While I preferred the red PowerTek tee with sleeves to the blue sleeveless model it came down simply to preference.
Also the sleeves made my guns look brolic ;).
Having seen some upcoming designs and putting PowerTek Apparel Tees to the test I see a bright future for this company.
Make sure you hit them up at:

Get Brolic!

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