Wednesday Tip of the Week : Take Your Preworkout AFTER You Start Working Out

Now this tip will help just about every reader on my list.
Now I know your favorite preworkout says take 15 to 30 minutes prior to beginning your workout.
Yeah, great strategy. So 30 minutes before you’re done working out you’re out of energy.
The pre in preworkout in my opinion is for pre-fatigue.
I take my preworkout during my warm up sets.
Since these sets are generally easy to manage exercises and weights I don’t need the preworkout.
However, I do need the boost as the workouts get progressively harder and heavier.

That 30 minute delay in taking the preworkout means I hit the apex of efficacy right when I need it. Try my strategy and let me know how it works out for you.

Remember bodybuilding and weightlifting are not exact sciences.

Do what works best for you.

Oh yeah, ask your doctor about taking preworkouts- you may need to skip them.

Get Brolic!

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