No Kai Greene at the 2015 Mr. Olympia?

Below is from the link not my thoughts or opinions.
A teary eyed Kai Greene has just shocked the bodybuilding world by announcing that he won’t be competing at Mr. Olympia. The man so many had backed to beat Phil Heath this year has shockingly been disallowed to compete at the pinnacle of bodybuilding, due to ‘late registration’. It sounds like there’s something deeper to this whole issue…
What are your thoughts?

UPDATE: A source has claimed this all stems deeper than we thought… Please take this as face value.
This is what I heard, not sure if it was true but would explain everything and would go back to PJ say there is stuff “behind the scenes” “Kai had big plans to launch Dynamik in conjunction with the Olympia. His agent demanded a free title sponsorship, a 20×20 booth space and no union load-in fees. Olympia reps countered by demanding that he fork over sponsorship money like everyone else. They had a Mexican standoff. No one budged. Can’t think of a worse way to launch a supplement line than being left outside the arena at the biggest bodybuilding show of the year especially after dieting and gearing up for months. AMI now set to completely pull the plug on him and pressuring the other mags to do the same to sabotage his line and push him over the edge

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