Wednesday Tip of the Week : Pyramid Sets Rock

Simple advice folks-
Most people start low and end high with rep counts and total weight on a bar/machine.

And while this works, it doesn’t.

Enter PYRAMIDS. Pyramids are a method of starting and ending lower weight and or rep wise.
Ie: in a preacher curl I may start at 65lbs go up as high as 140lbs and end back at 65lbs.
This activates muscle fibers deeply – I my opinion- and helps me avoid plateaus.
You can plateau this way in theory, however the straight to the top method is a guaranteed way to peak to early.

Try this:
Start at a low number for you plus 5lbs.
Then add 20lbs.
Then add 20lbs more.
Repeat that.
Lower reps if you have to.
Then ride the weight down in reverse.
Last set go slower by 50 percent and pause at the apex of the motion.

Email me here if that doesn’t help.

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