Wednesday Tip of the Week : Eat more often.

I’m not going to write 500 words here.
Or 300 words.
Or 200 words.

What you need to know is this:
To lose weight- eat more often.
To gain weight- eat more often.

As oxymoronic as that may seem it is true.

To lose weight eat at least 6-8 small meals a day and keep the carbs low in line with your workout routine and timing. Your body burns a lot of calories digesting food but more than that you won’t binge eat if you aren’t hungry. So away goes the snickers and the cheese doodles and the ice-cream and pizza. Good food, we’ll timed will help you burn fat.

Try red grapes. – don’t believe me do your “Google research.”

Want to add lean mass than eat 8 to 10 meals a day.
Go high protein and watch the carbs.
But remember you need carbs for energy. Eggs, asparagus, beef, veggies, chicken, salmon are all excellent choices to mix together.

Try 2 cups of rice, 8-10 ounces of beef, and 6 ounces of asparagus.
Substitute within that meal as you need to for flavor and variety.
Oh yeah- and high protein diets burn more fat as well.

Need motivation?
Join me on the journey to BROLIC!

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