Beef Jerky is not Protein

I love Jerky.
Beef Jerky, turkey Jerky, hell I don’t care- either or.

However the average guy who walks into a 7-11 etc is buying the brand name crap and doesn’t realize it is killing his gains.

How you ask?

A- if the Jerky you bought contains soy you just got jerked.

Soy spikes estrogen right, and estrogen is the enemy of gains- so by willfully ingesting said diabolical enemy of gains you assassinate your gains before they bloom!

Okay I’m a but theatrical but I want you to think.
Another good point why is soy in “BEEF” Jerky?

Soy isn’t in cows last time I checked.
And yes, I am not a licensed butcher or farm hand- but I smell manure nonetheless.

B- Sodium nitrates are used to kill rodents.
Now don’t sue me big corpo!- I know you use smaller doses to preserve the Jerky but at higher amounts it is a rodent killer.

Nitrates may affect oxygen circulation.
I’m not even going to expound on that.

Also there appears to be an increased risk of cancer in children and adults where nitrates are involved.

Now don’t take my word for it.
Do your OWN research.
I’m just a gym rat trying to school you.

Live Brolic!

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