Brawn Fit Rocks!!!!!

As my readers know a few weeks ago I received a package of Brawn Fit products.
In it were gloves, wrist wraps, lifting straps and knee sleeves.
And being the nerd I am I had to use each product a minimum of 4-6 times over a 4 week period.

Did the Brawn Fit meet my standards?
Heck yeah!

Let’s start with the knee sleeves.
These sleeves came simply package and ready to rock.

Now I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a pressing need for knee sleeves so I used this product the least.
So if you want to know how much this will help with tendonitis or arthritis et. al- I can’t give you a specific answer.
What I can tell you is that
-they fit great. They were snug without restricting my leg workouts on the various machines.
-they were not itchy. This was my main concern as a lot of the stuff out these days is made for mass profitability and that usually equates to stitching or edges that grate my nerves and distract me in between sets.
Wasn’t a problem at all.
-they were quality.
It was obvious to the eye, touch, and in use that it was a quality product made with the avid to pro gym rat in mind.

We’ve all seen the low quality stuff on the net, yeah, this wasn’t it. The neoprene was perfect.

Now onto the gloves.

Having not used gloves in 8 years I was quite surprised at how much I liked using these.
First off I loved the look and color of the gloves. This may be a trivial matter to some, but I gave a few brownie points to the gloves for the clean, efficient design. I dig that they were made of leather too.
Second, the fit was great. As with the knee sleeves the sizes were spot on.
And this leads to point 3: as the sizes and fit were great, it was easy to adjust to their use.
I’m not a glove guy or a chalk guy in the gym, but I did like using the gloves on the new dumbbells that had just come in. We all know the type : the grip is just too new so the texture grates.
The gloves were also great on triceps day for reverse grip presses and skull crushers.
Lastly, my hands didn’t get itchy or soaked in sweat.
I hate that feeling – which is why I quit using gloves on 2007!
Not a problem with Brawn Fit gloves.
The exposed fingertips were a huge plus in racking weights and also surfing instagram after an arduous set on the incline press.
Yes I was THAT Guy for 5 minutes, so sue me.

Now onto my favorite the lifting straps and wrist wraps.

The quality on the lift straps again was top notch. I used them only for some light deadlifts I squeezed in on leg day each week just to expand that workout day.
And I was quite pleased with the straps. Their simple, efficient design was exactly what lifting straps should be. After 2 weeks they felt like they had earned their keep in my gym bag.
I can’t say a lot about them because they were exactly what the doctor ordered, wait I guess that means they were Perfect…
And now, last but not least- the wrist wraps.
Having shattered my right wrist 2 decades ago, and spraining it 14 weeks ago- I literally know the value of this nifty little item.
A good wrist wrap will do as much for your mind as your wrist when you are chasing the elusive 3 plates on the benchpress.
Indeed the Brawn Fit wrist wraps were a 10/10 product, easily my favorite item in the bunch.
First it fit great- and I know you will say duh it should bro!
No folks. Some wraps are too wide while others are too thick or thin.
These wraps held my wrist just right with extreme comfort and support.
I hit my goals every week and probably added a half inch to my biceps at a minimum.
I also hit my benchpress max repeatedly.
The wrist wraps also were an efficient design with cool yellow stripes.
I guess I was the Ferrari in the gym. 😉 Lame joke I know.
Again, this Brawn Fit product didn’t itch, and the velcro was especially good. Not getting ratty in two weeks like others I’ve purchased in the past.
The thumb strap was a perfect length as well, not impeding any part of any set.
I used the wrist wraps at every workout, so you could say they took a rigorous beating as I am quite the gym rat.
And having shattered a wrist- I can attest first hand to this product being the truth.
I cosign it fully.

In fact, I will go so far as to cosign the entire line of products.
Quality, affordability, and cool, efficient design are all present in the Brawn Fit products line.

Click the below link for purchase.
Save 10% Use Code A6P952YA.

Live Brolic!

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