You are what you EAT

Eat right folks.
There is a reason Jared went to jail,
But all jokes aside your best bet is to eat right by making your own meals and snacks.

The next viable option is to pay for curated meals.
I say curated as someone has to put together a quality plate that is visually appealing and tasty.
Not to mention that meets your goals.

Worst case scenario,
Skip all fast food, candy bars, soda and chips.
No bagels or bread either.
You tell me by checking the sugar content.

What you put in, will reflect on your figure.
McDonald’s will make you husky.
Soda will make you a diabetic.
Like injections?
Stick to the candy corn.

Now you could call the above slander, or you could fact check me yourself.

Eat Brolic!

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