Supplement Failure, I mean review of the week: Bpi A-Hd

So a while back I bought Bpi A-Hd, a powder form stimulant based product geared towards supporting my testosterone and “modulating”my estrogen etc.

Before we get to the 4 part metric-
Let me tell you:
Four Part Supplement Metric
This powder tasted like Crap.
And hey folks, I’m aware sometimes you sacrifice taste for results.
This just tasted cheap though.

Now I got this product super cheap on Groupon, but I think this was simply because the product is discontinued.
That in and of itself says volumes.
Originally it was $40.00 for a 4 week “cycle”- love how they throw jargon around to make products sound legit.
I got this product 80% and still want a refund!

A-Hd didn’t work.

4)Solubility (If applicable).
I will say this for A-Hd, it mixed perfectly.
Hey, my mom was right- you can find something good to say about anyone…

5)Ease of purchase. If needed.
Super easy to purchase.
I added this in just to see if I could say anything else positive.

Despite a great list of ingredients such as tumeric, flax, safflower, niacin, and a few others- I was not impressed at all.
Even at sale pricing, this product was a bust. I had no noticable gains, affects, nothing. Heck even cheap preworkouts give you a caffeine buzz!

I hope MR. O Jay Cutler has a better supplement series.

Get Brolic!

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