Inner Armour (peak) Amino Blitz Review

So a while back I got my hands on some Inner Armour Peak Amino Blitz. This supplement is labeled in a manner that makes it a pre-workout, recovery drink, hydration drink, morning kickstart, or just any old time energy drink. I personally used it as either a pre-workout or a midday energy drink.

To kick off this review I’m going to be blunt:

I was disappointed overall. 

My Four Part Supplement Metric

I had the orange flavor and it was terrible. Simply, massively,  terrible. The initial and after taste were both worsen than most products I’ve had in the last 5 years. Perhaps a different flavor would’ve been tasty, but this was what I consumed.

And it was YUCK.

With a median price of $28 and change USD this product won’t break the bank. That price is for 30 servings with a recommendation of no more than 2 servings in a 24 hour period. I’ve seen better deals but this is still cost effective based on it’s ingredients list.

This product was mildly effective regardless of when I took it or for what purpose.  I didn’t get a rush of energy or a “blitz” of Focus. I got a minimal increase in focus and desire to pump iron. It was a very disappointing product. 

4)Solubility (If applicable).
If it mixes like shit- it is shit.
Although a blenderball may change the resultsit barely did for this product. I had that gritty taste for the entirety of every serving I had. And I hated that.  It is always the sign, in my opinion,  of a lower echelon product. 

5)Ease of purchase.

This product was easy to acquire. Online or offline you will be able to get Inner Armour Amino Blitz at your leisure.

Overall this product had no redeeming qualities.  It was subpar across the board.


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