Phil Heath will never be a better mr. Olympia than Ronnie Coleman

As we Edge closer to the 2018 Mr Olympia I wanted to take a moment out to write a quick post or something I’ve been thinking about for months. Phil Heath will never be a better mr. Olympia than Ronnie Coleman. Now no disrespect to Phil Heath I mean the guys one was seven straight now may even pass Arnold May equally Haney May equal Ronnie Coleman he may get to his desire 10, it makes no difference. You see, in life there are winners and they were champions. Now Phil Heath is a winner no question about it I honestly believe he’s going to get at least two 8 mr. Olympia’s at a minimum. And I’ve been following his career for about 8 years I say probably since right after you want his first mr. Olympia. And as he evolved, between his attitude and his physique I’m not impressed.

Let’s take the last mr. Olympia his bubble guts as summer calling them or his pregnant belly we’re hideous. Simple fact folks. As the number one in the world you should have shown us that you would be able to be number one without that flaw.

I mean brasstacks you were supposed to have the number one physique. And to talk crap about Arnold’s legs and then have that stomach I got a call found the plane and yes folks it is a basketball reference as he was a college baller.

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