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1 GRAM OF PROTEIN PER LB OF BODY WEIGHT: MY THOUGHTS.       Here’s something interesting: using various calculators to assess my needed protein intake daily, regardless whether for fat loss or mass gains- the amount was over 200 grams per … Continue reading

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Protein 101

Yup. Mind your ish and I’ll mind mine. If your cholesterol counts too high do some research make some changes. When you just take guesses and follow instagram fame trainers you are not being smart. Train right, eat right.

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35+ years old, see the article mentioned to sculpt your and now.

This is just a link to a men’s health article that helped me as a 37 yr old male see a few ways to lose weight and see my abs! Sculpt your and now! Click pic for article access.

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​Bodybuilder Ghent Wakefield’s Death Raises Questions About Insulin and Bodybuilding | Men’s Health

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Endocrine disruptor…

Do your own research…

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High Fat & Healthy – Great Keto Snacks

If you’re not familiar with the Keto diet plan, you may think that foods having a high fat content can’t be healthy. If you are familiar with the a plan, you know that high fat foods can be healthy, delicious … Continue reading

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5 Free Snack Bars Click the pic or link for some free protein bars and snacks. 

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